Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Heroes in Black History

Heroes in Black History
Dave + Neta Jackson

-Ricky and Sheriaklyn Byrdsong were basketball coaches, but soon they realized that there's more in life that basketball so instead of coaching basketball, they coach kids in the game of life.
-There's dignity in education and hard work.
-Money isn't everything, people want friendship and dignity also.
-There need to be more people like Ricky who doesn't care about people's status and would still be friends with them.
-A positive attitude is the most important skill can be developed.

-What's a piecemeal?
-Why was James stabbed in the back with a knife?
-Who shot coach Ricky and why?
-What do they mean by crabs in bucket?

-Ruefully(164): Causing sorrow or pity.
-Yarmulke(169): A skull worn esp. during a prayer or religious study for Jewish male.
-Triumph(181): Joy over success.

-"...There are other options besides becoming on NBA superstar like Micheal Jordan."(164)
-"When the teacher passed out the math quiz and Ben Carson looked at the 30 problems, his heart sank."(175)

-This is about how money isn't everything, dignity and friendship is also wanted, and if you have the determination and belief, you can do what you want and to have faith in yourself otherwise what you strive to do will not come out the way you want it to.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Heroes in Black History

Heroes in Black History
Dave + Neta Jackson

-John's Perkins brother was shot and killed outside a movie theater by standing so he was sent to California for his own safety and when he came back he read the bible for both the white and black churches. 
-Because of the white man, John learned his first unforgettable economic lesson and became cautions of what he has to do and what is being offered for the accomplishment before doing it.
-Forgive is one way that we can love our enemies.
-Festo didn't like how the people back in  his home town talking about Jesus or asking each other for forgiveness.
-The rich man gave back the chief his cows because God said to do so because of his karmas. 

-Why didn't John asked how much he was going to get paid for doing the work before doing it?
-Why did the man only gave him 15 cent when it's suppose to be a dollar, sometimes a dollar and a half or even two dollars?
-How come Festo Kivengere was upset that people is trying to spread their religious?
-What's so wrong about asking for forgiveness and talking about Jesus?

-Bootleggers(137): To deal goods illegally.
-Scuffed(140): To scrap with one's foot or feet.
-Snarled(154): To growl threateningly or viciously. 

-"John could see the faces of the officers, twisted with rage and hate."(143)
-"Whites who realized that racism was wrong often felt crippled by guilt."(146)

-This is about how gospel had changed their life, how it made a big difference and encourage them to spread it along among their neighbors, its also about how God will punish you or at least karmas would occur if you do bad things such as the man who stole the chief's cow, he was sent to jail and beaten and that had made him realize it was bad and to return it, it also tells don't take what something doesn't belong to you and people make mistakes, it just take time for them to know it so they deserve to be forgiven if they apologized.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Heroes in Black History

Heroes in Black History

Dave + Neta Jackson


- You shouldn't fear anything except God and only God because he is in the Holy Spirit.

- They repented and exchanged apologies and forgiveness from the white and black leaders of the Assemblies of God, Church of God in Christ, the Church of God Prophecy, and various independent Pentecostal and charismatic groups.

- They washed one another's feet and pledged to take out the racism in their churches.

- Mary is optimistic because even though she was rejected into a college because of her skin color, she thought to herself, well if she couldn't go to Africa then she decided to teach her people right at her home place in the South.

- Money isn't a problem if you put your head to use and find a solution.

- Why did they wash other's feet and not their mouth, which spoke of racism?

- Who started racism?

- Who helped Mary Bethune with building the school?

- Why do we tempt to take the shortcuts when it comes to certain work?

- Evangelizing(76): To preach the Gospel to.

- Menial(90): Lowly and sometimes degrading.

- Perplexed(101): Bewildered; Puzzled.

- "God is sick to his stomach."(77)

- "She soaked up knowledge like a thirsty sponge."(83)

- This is about how Seymour help people realize that racism is foolish and they got rid of it in many places, also how Mary build a school for the students in really need of help to teach them and how she was rejected because of her skin which made her even wanting to make a school for the colored skin kids who couldn't read, faith is claiming victory and acting on what you believe God wants you to do, and to put your best effort no regardless of the task.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Heroes in Black History

Heroes in Black History
Dave + Neta Jackson

- I think that Amanda did a good thing giving the missionary two dollars for the India people to be able to bring gospel to the people even though she had needed it for her daughter's shoe but in the end, she received what she gave and a little extra.
- Do what you think is right and God will surely help you out.
- Best way to fight a duel with your enemy is on your knees.
- Even though Charles Albert Tindley didn't received the proper education, he was became a successful preacher because he didn't give up and wanted to learn a new thing, a new thing that he did not know the day before, each day. 
- It's not the amount of money that makes you rich, its the amount of friends you have makes you rich.

- Is there really a devil and an angel? 
- Isn't it your conscious?
- How was Charles able to pronounce the word by himself?
- Was the little too poor to get a gift with his name on it?

- Congregation(48): An assembly body. 
- Dejected(51): .
- Hollows(67): Having a space or cavity inside.

-"Won't you look like a fool in front of these ladies just giving two dollars."(38)
-"His handsome face was a dark cloud of gloom."(41)

- This is about how even though Amanda was really poor and only had two dollars which was suppose to be for her daughter's new shoes but she still risk it and gave it to the the indian people because it was a charity thing and she did it is because she believe that God will help her if she does the right thing, also how its best to fix a problem with one of your non-friends is by talking it out, silence won't do any good, Charles didn't give up and believe to try to learn something you didn't before that day, how Dr. Carver found out that peanuts could be used for many thing which had helped out the economy. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heroes in Black History

Heroes in Black History
Dave + Neta Jackson


- Harriet Tubman real name is Araminta Ross who was born a slave around 1820 on a Maryland plantation and got the nickname 'minty' by the owner Edward Brodas.

- She then married John Tubman and he would tell her master every time she would tell him about running but she still didn't give up on hope of freedom.

- She was hired as a nurse and a spy for the Union Army during the Civil war but never got her paid. 

- It's either liberty or death, as Harriet always thought and believed.

- Samuel was hated by the crew because he had no skill in sailing and because his skin color was black.

- What did Harriet do when it felt too tired to go on?

- Why doesn't her free husband want her to be free too?

- How did the Grebos capture Kaboo?

- How did Samuel seem to be able to change Merritt's mind?

- Gnawed(19): To bite or chew on.

- Revivals(22): Restoration to use, acceptance, or currency.

- Evangelistic(34): To preachers of the gospel.

- "A light flashed, and God spoke from heaven"(22).

- "They became, like one family"(24).

- This is about Harriet freeing the slave, to choose liberty or death, Kaboo being taken as pawn because his father could not pay off the debts because of the war that broke out, Samuel being an importance impact and changed minds, and about Amanda who sang and spoke her message of salvation and holiness. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

ROAR - Bel Canto

Bel Canto
Ann Patchett
Chapter TEN

-Carmen taught Mr. Hosokawa with out benefit of a translator.
-You don't need to speak to teach someone how to be quiet.
-Carmen is a genuis, and beautiful.
-They are so used ti the way they are living their captive lives.
-I like this simile "Like soilders shot in battle, they lay where they fell", its so powerful.

-How old is Carmen?
-What is Mr. Hosokawa lacking and needs to learn?
-Gen likes Carmen?
-Who does Carmen likes?


2literacy terms:
-"...Could turn a door knob as silently as a leaf falls"(289).
-"He had always though of him as a private man,"(290).

1overview sentence:
-Its about how they finally realized how good, intelligent she was and she helped them all those time, then at the end they finally realized that she has always been there yet she was last found in the kitchen, shot dead and that was the end of it.

ROAR - Bel Canto

Bel Canto
Ann Patchett
Chapter NINE

-They gave roxane alot of respect and glory.
-They also hope for the return.
-Cesar is a boy who loves music and has a passion for singing.
-Carmen is always there to help, what they came to realize.
-Cesar likes Carmen.

-Why didnt Roxane came down to the piano this morning?
-Who was trying to fill up Roxane's space?
-Was it singing he loved or her singing he loved?
-Was he better than Roxane?


2literacy terms:
-"The notes welled up in throat like a wave"(266).
-"Shye knew the music as well as she knew her own breathe"(268).

-This chapter is about how in the morning, Roxane usually came down singing in the morning, yet she didn't come down today so this boy Cesar tried to filled up her space, but he ended up getting hurt, so he ran away crying, and Carmen as usual, to the rescue, and had helped cheered and comfort her, he also liked her so I guess he felt better since she came to talk to him.